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OLSP review

Today, we see a lot of offers and business opportunities online. But a lot of them simply are not right or do not work as we expected. Fortunately, there are some programs and systems which are tested by professionals and really work. One of them is the OLSP System. So, let’s analyse this program and dive into the OLSP Review.

First thing we noticed about this program is its uniqueness. The business model and idea are very good. Most of the affiliate offers or programs do not include the traffic option. That’s the advantage the OLSP System has. Without traffic, there is no online business. It is quite noticeable that the creators of OLSP noticed that beforehand and included everything in the package.

However, every business requires some efforts, time, and investments. Without these instruments, you cannot expect good results. OLSP System is not an exception when speaking about monthly payments and investments. That’s how the normal business works.

olsp review

How to begin with OLSP?

When you go through all the training and learning step by step, the best way to start is to grab your first month’s 47 USD monthly offer, which will generate monthly leads and commissions. When you complete Training Unit 3, you will get 47 USD back into your Traffic Dominator (OLSP) account. Later on, you will need to get your first Solo Ads package. You can start from 90 USD only where you get 100 clicks and more conversions to earn the weekly commissions. Everything will be explained in the videos step by step.

To get the things started, we recommended investing your first 500 USD: 99 USD monthly OLSP membership which gives you 30-150 monthly leads and 33 USD commission per lead, 90 USD first solo ads paid traffic package where you get a lot of conversions, 297 USD lifetime (onetime fee) TD pages account.

If you got extra investments, we suggest getting a VIP plan. There is a onetime 6500-8000 USD fee for life or so. This is the most valuable option because you will get 50 percent commissions, a lot of extra commissions and all the main TD software is free of charge. You need to speak about VIP with your mentor on the live call or fill in the form. The VIP package price is variable.

The key factor working with the OLSP System is stable traffic. If you want to achieve high ROI (Return of Investment) and stable monthly income, we advise you to get the Solo Ads package weekly or so. This way you will boost your subs list very high in a short time. That means in the long-term you will get stable and huge income.

Some would argue why not Google Ads, Bing Ads or so? Yes, we agree that this sort of advertising can be lucrative too. But you will need to set up the campaigns manually or hire SEO agency to do so. That will cost you a lot in the beginning. If you decide to launch ad campaigns on your own, you will need plenty of A/B tests and investments to figure out which campaigns work for you the best. OLSP does the work for you when it comes to traffic and campaigns testing. It is already checked and tested so when you buy traffic you are sure that you will get some conversions. It will not guarantee that each time you will get plenty of sales, but over time you will have them eventually because you will build a really huge list.

The next key factor is that the OLSP System connects well to the social media. That means you can get tons of organic traffic. The OLSP explains how to get that traffic through training. The method is to build the profile and social media presence. We suggest creating a Facebook page and start creating engaging and unique content about affiliate marketing business and what you have to offer. Free Facebook tools like Canvas are very handy. This way you will get a lot of interested people who want to change their life for good or are interested in extra online income opportunity. Using this model, do not forget that Facebook comments bring huge value in getting organic traffic and leads.

The OLSP also offers a great point system. You will get points when someone sign-ups under you, when you read your email offers, when commenting on social media and so on. This will convert into commissions and even an extra monthly prize pool if you achieve the right level.

OLSP review



  • Guaranteed monthly traffic and leads
  • High ROI
  • Increased sales
  • Thorough training system
  • Other affiliate methods and programs in one place
  • Live sessions
  • Live training
  • Organic traffic
  • Updates
  • Weekly Commissions
  • Automation systems
  • Free training and teaching methods


  • Requires time and efforts and the right audience
  • Requires initial first small capital of 500 USD to get business running
  • Requires additional time to learn and study
  • 99 USD monthly membership price unless you are VIP
  • At least 90 USD weekly investment in paid traffic to achieve better results
  • Additional charges for the software if you are not VIP
  • Not suitable for everyone. Must capture the right audience and leads
  • Need to have the right mindset and keep a positive approach at all times

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