About Us

about us

Our website is managed by ProductVortex Sales/ProductVortex.

As the global leader, ProductVortex Sales provides services worldwide. ProductVortex Sales extended the reach of its customers as a retailer.

Operating from its base in Tallinn, Estonia and Lithuania, Vilnius, the international business provides online solutions for customers worldwide in various niches. ProductVortex Sales has relationships with globally recognised brands.

Internationally, ProductVortex Sales also delivers specific services for business or non-business customers and clients and providing expertise as a retailer/digital marketer. Fulfilment and service infrastructure has also expanded internationally, leveraging the expertise of affiliate marketing business in international markets and integrating with the marketing and technology solutions traditionally used by ProductVortex Sales across its sites and partners worldwide.

The ProductVortex Sales at productvortexsales.com is operated by ProductVortex.

Contacting Us by Email

We are happy to answer queries on products, orders and anything else about the online store at the below address:


We endeavour to respond to all emails within 24-48 hours.